What are the gods?Edit

They created the world of Grym.


The gods have always been and always are. They existed before time and will exist after it. They created Grym and all life on it.

There are 3 gods, Nozar, Hengen, and Aria (goddess). Nozar is the king of the gods.

The idea for Grym was originaly presented by Nozar. Hengen wasn't sure about it, knowing there would be conlict, and there would need to be a place to put all souls after their physical life. This lead them to making Caelo, where those who abided by the Ordines would go. There was also the Nether, where those who didn't abide would go.

Once they created Grym, they waited for life to become inteligent. The first to achieve this were the humans. The gods went to Grym to live, and taught them how to live using the Ordines. After about 1000 years, they left. Some people created the Order of Grym to worship the gods.

More will be revealed once the game is released.